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You can find out more about Jill and read excerpts from her books at her website. You can find plenty of advice on our site, as well as our Guide to Literary Agents blog, but in this edition of How I Landed a Literary Agent, we featured an interview between Ricki Schultz (pictured right), author of the recently released Mr. So instead of throwing yourself at whatever is left at last call, you’re more selective.

The fourth book in Jill Edmondson's Sasha Jackson PI series, Frisky Business, has just been released.Usually, I won’t even tell a potential date the titles of my books; if anything I might say they’re mysteries and leave it at that. It doesn’t seem to matter what the source of the date is - whether we met at a party, or on an internet dating site, via mutual friends, at a singles event...But I do try to make it clear upfront that writing and books matter to me. I can’t date a guy who doesn’t like reading, and thinks it’s a “boring waste of time” or something to do “when there’s nothing better to do”. As shocking a realization as this is, a lot of guys out there aren’t into reading. One man I chatted with via an online dating service told me he would never read my books, but maybe his teenaged son would. I hadn’t told him the titles or given him so much as a synopsis of the story.Also since re-entering the dating world, I’ve developed a new understanding of my relationship with reading and writing.

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