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Jean Carl Harrington (October 25, 1901 – April 19, 1998) — known as J. Harrington, or "Pinky" to his friends — was an American archaeologist best known for his work at Jamestown, Virginia and his contributions to the methodology of historical archaeology.He has been called the "father of historical archaeology in America".According to reports, Mallya met Lalwani for the first time in 2011.Mallya's first wife was Sameera Tyabjee and second wife was Rekha Mallya.The Human Ecology Ring was first instigated by a group of young graduates at Macdonald College, Quebec, in 1968.

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As per the case registered by the ED, Mallya had allegedly paid USD 200,000 to a British firm and some European countries for displaying Kingfisher logo in Formula One World Championships in London in 1996, 19.Lalwani who is currently dating Vijay Mallya is also reportedly in good terms with his family. Lalwani also left India at the same time when Mallya escaped the country.They recently celebrated their third anniversary of being a couple.Queen Victoria's son Prince Leopold wore many rings on his left pinky, as did all of the sons of King George V.