Who is amber marshall dating

Amber Marshall boyfriend and Amber got on the back of their horses and rode into the horizon after the setting sun.Amber Marshall boyfriend wanted to make sure that the ceremony is going to be special, so he made a rustic wood altar by himself.

Thus, she has also taken raptor classed in order to help falcons and hawks in Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where she is also a volunteer.She has been riding since she could walk and says that the two things she loves the most are "acting and horses" and they have come together to create this dream role of Amy Fleming on the Heartland TV and book series.In between filming seasons of Heartland, Amber Marshall helps out at a local veterinary clinic and spends time with her many animals on her farm ranch near Calgary, Alberta.Amber Marshall boyfriend made it perfect and they both were happy to finally become a family.

Here is some information about Amber, for those who haven’t heard about her.

She has appeared in numerous film and television productions.