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When this first dries, lilac dominates the fragrance.If someone asked me for a recommendation for a lilac scent, this would be it. In fact, this is really a review of the Youth and Beauty bath perfume.

For just a moment you get that damp dish rag effect, but that wears off and you smell glorious lilac and white flowers. But with 133ml I’m going to spay a lot and often because I adore every moment of this.Last week I was trolling fragrancenet probably early in the morning when I stumbled upon this vintage beauty.It was so cheap, so I ordered some in a set with parfum, body lotion and EDC spray.I'm glad I bought it, will wear it a lot as I drift off to sleep. White Shoulders is a classic floral, and to me it is very unique for it's category, and it becomes more unique the more I understand it's composition. This also smells a bit green in the opening, probably courtesy of the African orange flower, or perhaps this is the grassiness of the lilacs and lilies.

This opens with clean, soapy aldehydes, but they are not "in your face" Chanel No. This is topped off with a touch of sweet peach, which lasts throughout the fragrance.

After it settles down, it only lasts a couple of hours (it is cologne strength). I got a circa 1975 Cologne spray by Evyan for a very decent price online. White Shoulders has become my favorite fragrance, and I've stockpiled it in all forms: powder, cologne, eau de parfum, and I've owned 2 of the sets that have the parfum and body lotion.

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