Which american idols contestants are dating

The lawsuit figures to face huge obstacles before ever getting to a trial, and Clark's attorney Eugenia Grayer seems to realize this, spending part of the complaint explaining why anti-SLAPP statutes aren't applicable.Those laws are designed to shield defendants from wasting time in court on frivolous lawsuits that interfere with First Amendment rights including free speech and a right to petition.Nevertheless, Clark decided to give an interview to ABC News, and the network aired a one-hour special despite allegedly hearing from Abdul's lawyer Marty Singer, who threatened to sue.Still, he says that the "ABC News special did not disclose the entire story behind the relationship between Abdul and Plaintiff." Later that summer, Fox said that it had retained "independent counsel" to conduct an investigation of the alleged Abdul affair.Monday night’s “American Idol” (April 2) delivered the final judgement, with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan narrowing down the contestants from 50 to 24.

According to the complaint, "Investigators spent three and a half months reviewing materials provided by Clark and Abdul and investigating 43 people, (10 of whom were eyewitnesses to the conduct between Clark and Abdul alleged by Clark) in an effort to further disparage Clark's name and reputation and conceal the facts and true nature of Clark's disqualification and romantic relationship with Abdul." Clark previously has sued Viacom over allegedly defamatory comments from a MTV News reporter. Fox declined to comment until it had a chance to review the court papers. Entertainment also declined comment, having not seen the complaint. No one is saying, but we do know Kerr was in the crowd at his show on January 10th in Austin. Mc Donald, 26, had the good fortune of meeting Reed last month at the premiere of "Red Riding Hood," where the "Idol" contestants were videotaped as they experienced one of their biggest red carpet events to date.will be premiering this weekend and you might be wondering where all of the winners from the past 15 seasons are today!

The show has brought us some of the biggest names in music, including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, but they are probably some other winners you might have forgotten about.

That seems to be the case for season 10 contestant Paul Mc Donald, who has reportedly turned a chance meeting with actress Nikki Reed into a romance.