Validating reports of poor childhood memory

I have inquired several times of Nancy in my annual Christmas letter and Christmas card to Robert and Nancy as to how she would like me to transmit this information to them.She has never expressed any opposition to my just going ahead and putting it all (the “long version”) on this internet site. Aden, John Ennen Aden, Ennen Hinrichs Aden, Sutich, Bryant, Daniel Boone, Sarah Cassandra Boone, Rohn, Hunter, Rethmeier, Theodora Rethmeier, Culley, Marion Culley, Charles Culley, Herb Culley, Robert Bruce Culley, Robert Griesel, Robert G. The (not so) Short Version of the Genealogy and one Complete Branch of the Family Tree, going all the way back to Adam and Eve, of Nancy (Aden) Felix, Wife of Robert G. Aden, Clifford Ennen Aden, Carlin Aden, Karla Aden, Carla Aden, Gary Aden, Gary C. Griesel, Gerald Griesel, Auckland, Parnell, Laurie Ave, Laurie Avenue, North Shore, North Shore Hospital, art design, Pamela Moss, Planning Office, University of Auckland, ITS, Information Technology Services, Auckland Domain, Auckland Museum, The War Museum, Auckland War Museum, Ayr, Ayr Reserve, Ayr St., Ayr Street, Parnell Rd., Parnell Road, North Island, Sarah Newlove, Auckland Hospital, SEMG, Surface Electromyography, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Kinder House, Ewelme Cottage, Ewelme Garden, Jubilee Building, Parnell Mainstreet, Bishops Court, Thomas Lane, Adventure Cycles, John Brown, Royal Society of New Zealand, Aeroview Investments, Ted Mason, ========================================================================================================.Laurie Avenue is located north off Ayr Street, immediately east of the intersection of Ayr Street and Parnell Road. Michael Felix should have completed his education at the university where he was majoring in “art design”, and since he was born in 1983, he is likely to be living on his own by now, most likely somewhere in the Auckland or the North Island region.One additional factor is also influencing me to try to pass this genealogical information along to Robert and/or Michael Felix.

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My role in this genealogy, as an outside friend of the family, was primarily one of gathering, compiling, and assembling the available information that was provided to me by a number of sources including Nancy’s parents and three members of the extended Aden family, rather than one of my doing any significant amount of original genealogical research. If a person is a member of the mediocre masses of humanity and wanted me to do a genetics genealogy, I would have to turn him down.Nancy and those ancestors on her father’s family tree were exceptionally gifted AND there was an extensive amount of genealogical information available about many of them. In more recent years the senior members of the Aden family with whom I have been working for the last fifty years have either passed on or have become very old and are no longer mentally active or interested in further effort in these genealogical activities, thus my work is done.They requested that I make this work available to any Aden or Bryant descendants who might be interested in it and specifically, they wanted me to make sure the descendants of Nancy’s parents, Clifford and Dorothy Aden, who are living in Auckland have a copy of this.Since Nancy has not shown any interest in her own family genealogy, I feel that it is more likely that one or both her husband, Robert, and / or their son, Michael would be interested in it and I would like to give them the opportunity of examining it for themselves and making up their own minds by passing this genealogical information and family narrative history on to them. If you know either of them, would you please be so kind and alert them to the existence of this web site and information?

Robert and Nancy north side of Laurie Ave with its northern boundary right on Ayr Reserve.

The removed parts are listed, for example, as [ Item #2 ], and are logged in another document in such a manner that I can easily re-insert the removed information.

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