Validating marketing research

Marketing research is charged with helping to reduce such uncertainties, "..will never remove it.At best, marketing research will increase the probability that the decisions which management has to take will help attain the organisation's marketing objectives.Maintaining objectivity in marketing research is essential if marketing management is to have sufficient confidence in its results to be prepared to take risky decisions based upon those results.To this end, as far as possible, marketing researchers employ the scientific method.For instance, an increase in pressure is usually necessary and sufficient to bring about a rise in air temperature.

Not many years ago an agricultural engineering company developed an improved rice milling machine.Intuitively a successful product would be predicted, launched with hardly any need for marketing research when the new mill had such obvious advantages over existing products.The agricultural engineering company went through the expensive and time-consuming process of importing the machine into Thailand.They set up extensive distribution and servicing facilities only to be surprised when the mill failed to gain acceptance.

In Thailand, smallholders take their rice to a miller.

Since they do not have sufficient cash to pay for milling their rice they get paid in 'brokens'.

Validating marketing research comments

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