Updating pb manually

Nothing worse than being kicked after a few seconds The solution I have worked out First uninstall the COD and CODUO using the control panel and add and remove programmes (this has to be done) sorry if you done this a hundred times already.Once you have fully uninstalled both games go to my computer and go to LOCAL DISK DRIVE programme files call of duty folder and dump it into the recycle bin this includes the patches for both games. EXE-0608F680The above files are the patch this has to be removed and dump into the recycle bin.However, uninstalling the new service components will disable Punk Buster and may prevent playing on Punk Buster servers. Other issues (firewall)PB is unable to communicate with some peoples computers due to their firewall settings.There have been about three known PB messages which say something like"Heartbeats stopped" , "Handshakes failed" and another initialization error.

If you are unable to contact the main account owner to issue the update option, then you can issue an update via the PBWeb Tool if it is active.page=dl-aav3The page should outline the location each files are to be uploaded to.After a restart PB should then be updated, you can verify by checking the most recent svlog file as the version will be displayed.AA3 open/close all the time eventually causes registry corruption and needs repairing.