Updating norton emergency disks

Your computer must be turned on for the scan to take place.Note: If you installed the software from this Virus website, the Supported Products website or the Penn Connect DVD , the software has already been configured to scan your computer daily.SEP checks hard drives, removable media (e.g., USB drives), and email attachments for known computer viruses and removes any that it finds, including macro viruses.SEP also actively monitors your computer and will notify you of any infection attempts.

The software is site-licensed at Penn and available free of charge to members of the Penn community.You can also initiate a scan from Windows or from Symantec Endpoint.Note: To halt a scan after it has started, click the Pause or Cancel button located at the top of the scan status window.You should scan your computer at regular intervals to detect viruses.

At minimum, ISC recommends that you scan your computer weekly.

This configuration should suffice for most persons.

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