Tv show about sisters dating mother

Renee unleashes years of pent up rage on her sisters.JD shuts things down and turns the tables on Bow Wow!A new hire causes chaos, Sana schemes to get Candice back & the twins hatch a secret plan.The families must break their silence and confess their deepest truths or suffer a terrifying punishment. Amber and Matt's checkered past rears its ugly head.

Lee will poke, prod and squeeze in order to resolve some unusual dermatological cases, as well as transform the lives of her patients, per TLC.Lawrence apologizes to Candice, but on terms she may not accept. When Miss Evelyn speaks to the press about Tamar's volatile relationship with Vince, Tamar goes into hiding.Ana shocks all when she returns to the Pink Tea Cup to take back her spot and her man from Thandi. Trina & Traci's epic party bus to Vegas is a fail when an unexpected visitor arrives.An outrageous meltdown prompts her groom to second guess & her aunt to shut her down.

Storm Zilla Sam's bridesmaids step up and storm out!

Things explode between Chrissy and the other woman in Jim's life: Mama Jones!