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She was half way through some leafy four leafy clovers with some old world looking gold coins when I got back to our table. " I hated feeling lost in a conversation."How Much? ""Exactly." Joe spoke up again."She wants Kelly here to paint her body in true St. "I told her she's drunk but she won't drop it."Megan then turned to look at me and showed me her painted face. She and her two friends are working the crowd for tips and would be unlikely to cover the cost of their supplies alone. "I want my tits done to.""Oh boy, you are drunk." I laughed.

You're drunk let it go." I tried to talk some sense into her, but I was no match for her Inner Trucker."I am not even sure we have enough materials." You could tell Kelly was flattered but a bit unsure they could even legally do it."Four Hundred." Megan kept raising the ante."But you are only young once and it's not like it's taking up my entire back.Besides, I am young, hot, gorgeous, and skinny like Barbie.CHAPTER 1 - Saint Patty's Mishap It was the morning after our first Valentine's Day together.

Megan and I were showering after a long night and an early morning roll in the sack when she blurted it out as a point of fact.

It was Megan and I and a half-dozen other people from the office. Say hi to Kelly." Kelly looked up from her work and nodded and went right back to her painting. I was just going through her portfolio; look at some of the stuff she's done." I started thumbing through the pages impressed by the volume and types of work.