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You have to "come right out with it," says Aaron Harvey, founder of the mental health website Intrusive Thoughts. And being honest about it is important for both parties." Since my boyfriend found out about my anxiety, I've been increasingly open with him -- about the illness itself and how it affects my rational thinking (especially around our relationship). We need to empower sufferers to not only share their story, but also spend the time to educate their loved ones on their experiences, symptoms, and treatment." To cope, you have to begin to understand that the shame you encounter, the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, the fear that something terrible will happen in your relationship, and the intense intrusive thoughts that mar your mind are simply byproducts of an illness.My honesty has also encouraged him to ask questions, and be open with me about how my illness affects him, too. "It's not enough to say we should 'end the stigma,'" he says. Recognizing these issues, seeking professional help, and having a partner who loves and supports you every step of the way is the healthy way to find balance.When it comes to mental health, no matter how scary it is, you ultimately have to be honest and seek love and support from your partner.Psych Guides found a majority of people in relationships had partners supportive of their mental health disorders.

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