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Defendants convicted, Harris County Criminal Court (1999), rev'd, 2000 WL 729417 (Tex. Its outcome was celebrated by gay rights advocates, and set the stage for further reconsiderations of standing law, including the landmark case of Obergefell v. The case attracted much public attention, and a large number of amici curiae ("friends of the court") briefs were filed.Quinn had discretionary authority to charge them for a variety of offenses and to determine whether to arrest them.When Quinn considered charging them with having sex in violation of state law, he had to get an Assistant District Attorney to check the statutes to be certain they covered sexual activity inside a residence.Apparently outraged that Lawrence had been flirting with Garner, he called police and reported "a black male going crazy with a gun" at Lawrence's apartment. In accordance with police procedures, the first to arrive, Joseph Quinn, took the lead both in approaching the scene and later in determining what charges to bring.Four Harris County sheriff's deputies responded within minutes and Eubanks pointed them to the apartment. He later reported seeing Lawrence and Garner having anal sex in the bedroom.As late as 1970, Connecticut denied a driver's license to a man for being an "admitted homosexual".

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Eubanks, who had been drinking heavily, left to purchase a soda from a nearby vending machine.Lawrence and Eubanks had been friends for more than 20 years.Garner and Eubanks had a tempestuous on-again off-again romantic relationship since 1990.A second officer reported seeing them engaged in oral sex, and two others did not report seeing the pair having sex.