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Last Thursday’s Pizza 101 event was the third she has run, following a wine class in January and a pottery workshop in December.

As the group grows beyond Elliot’s immediate circle, she plans to screen anyone who wants to join by meeting them personally.“Everyone’s vouched for.” The pizza workshop had a more relaxed vibe than other singles events, like speed-dating, which tend to feel more forced, several people said.“This feels like a party where there are a lot of cool people, and there just happens to be the same number of girls and guys,” said Pete, a 39-year-old TV writer and producer who did not want to give his last name.Elliot keeps each event evenly matched between men and women, giving both genders an equal shot.

Just as many men as women express interest in the events, Elliot said, but it often takes last-minute finagling to keep the balance perfect when people get sick or want to bring a friend.

One couple deep in conversation as the evening wound down was so focused on their discussion of poetry that they barely noticed a reporter’s approach.