Radiometric dating of planets

Past catastrophes, particularly those that may have been responsible for altering the Earth’s surface such as the great flood of Noah, were considered an artifact of the earliest formative history of the Earth.As such, they were considered unlikely to recur on what was thought to be an unchanging world.In this diagram, sections A and B represent rock layers 200 miles (320 km) apart.Their ages can be established by comparing the fossils in each layer.

He also recognized that the rivers of northern Italy, flowing south from the Alps and emptying into the sea, had done so for a very long time.With the exception of a few prescient individuals such as Roger Bacon (Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), no one stepped forward to champion an enlightened view of the natural history of the Earth until the mid-17th century.Leonardo seems to have been among the first of the Renaissance scholars to “rediscover” the uniformitarian dogma through his observations of fossil marine organisms and sediments exposed in the hills of northern Italy.Following from this observation, Steno concluded that the Tuscan rocks demonstrated superpositional relationships: rocks deposited first lie at the bottom of a sequence, while those deposited later are at the top.

This is the crux of what is now known as the principle of superposition.

Loosely stated, the principle says that the various natural phenomena observed today must also have existed in the past (see below The emergence of modern geologic thought: Lyell’s promulgation of uniformitarianism).

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