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One of the hands of Big Ben has gone missing and the police call upon Katrielle to solve the case.In London, a big festival called the "Riverside Festival" is about to begin."The Professor Layton series ("Reiton-kyōju series" (レイトン教授シリーズ) is a puzzle video game series for the Nintendo DS, currently consisting of four games and one film.At least two more games and at least one more film are due for 2010/2011.

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Potsby-Mahn initially refused as the two of them apparently don't have any secrets to hide but ultimately ordered Bingo to go home and wait for her under the porch.They enlist the help of Katrielle to find out the culprit.Katrielle is asked by Taboras Lloyd, the chief editor of the London Times, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Ratman, a local superhero.With the help of her talking dog Sherl, she solved various smaller mysteries in London in the hope of finding her missing father.

The game was officially revealed on July 27th 2016, during LEVEL-5 Vision 2016.

The next three games and the film are prequels and are about how Luke and Layton met and their "original" adventures.

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    I haven't played a single Ace Attorney or Professor Layton game. But that crossover between them looked awesome. by Will Watson Wednesday, August 07, 2013.…
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    Bingo, nicknamed Bing by his girlfriend Goldie Potsby-Mahn, was the dog-like man Potsby-Mahn started dating after the death of her husband. His name comes from the.…