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She raced home and told a friend she’d met the man with whom she was going to spend the rest of her life.A week later, hayden drove to Jane’s house to show her a slide show he’d put together in Indochina.By mid 1971, her tour of Left-wing politics, with its endless marches and violent arguments, had left her drained.At this point, Tom Hayden — in baggy trousers, his hair in long plaits — entered her life.Hayden had a grandiose fantasy of becoming President of the United States — and Jane was determined to make him famous.To that end, stories about ‘Tom and Jane’ would appear in the Press — it was never ‘Jane and Tom’ because Hayden insisted on his name coming first.As he screened pictures of Asian prostitutes who’d had plastic surgery to look ‘Americanised’, he lambasted the ‘superficial’ sexiness that Jane had once exemplified in the film Barbarella, directed by Vadim.

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Later, she’d say: ‘Vadim was my mother — even he said that.’As for Jane, she was constantly being arrested for trespassing on army bases.

In March 1970, she embarked on a lengthy tour of army bases and Indian reservations with a French friend, Elisabeth Vailland, in a rented station wagon.