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But to get those references, marketing needs to ask (or is beg a better word?) sales to provide them with client names that are willing to be references.Often, the story that comes back is “the time is not right”, “I have a big deal working”, “we have a service issues”, or something similar.Some organizations have looked to shift this behavior by making reference activities part of their standard contract (language that is often negotiated out early in the deal discussions).The term "at flood stage" is commonly used to describe the point at which this occurs."Gauge height" (also referred to as "stream stage", "stage of the [body of water]", or simply "stage") is the level of the water surface above an established zero datum at a given location.It can also be set for a specific location ("flood stage is 12 feet on Maple Street at First Avenue" means that the specified intersection will begin to flood when the stage reaches 12 feet (3.7 m)).

(I’ve seen cases where even companies with a robust CRM system that is well used don’t provide user accounts to the reference team).Current stage data is collected by the USGS using a network of gauges, over 9000 of which transmit real time data via satellite, radio, or telephone.As I mentioned in my last post, sales arranged reference calls or site visits were ranked by the technology buyers we surveyed at the bottom of most influential sales interactions.With that in mind, perhaps it is time to rethink reference approaches.

The most common approach puts reference ownership in the hands of marketing.

Levels below zero are reported as a negative value.