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This is quite different from the freedoms experienced by young people today.We have more options now; “love” is almost always the universal premise for marriage, particularly in Western cultures.Courting was rooted in the era of arranged marriages, though the couple and their feelings often played an important role.Still, families often met to discuss how this marriage would benefit not only the bride and groom, but the respective clans.The point is, a marriage is a joining of two families as well as two young people.Few choices and no time to date People may assume that arranged marriages were loveless matches, with frightened young people forced into lives of emotional pain and forbidding loneliness, but such was not always the case.Growing more nervous as the minutes pass, he sets his items on the table and tries to adjust his tie. A lovely young woman wearing a long, elegant dress gracefully enters and stops a few feet from the young man, directing him to a chair.In the other doorway stands the young woman’s mother and father.

There was no time for frivolity–practicality was of the essence.The courting then took up the first month of marriage.Through courting, the couple became acquaintances, then friends, gained mutual respect and hopefully the love that would sustain them through married life.There are, however, still many parts of the world where arranged marriages are the rule.