Global updating epo 4 5

Mc Afee Management for Optimised Virtual Environments (MOVE) is an anti-virus solution that removes the need for an individual agent install on every guest virtual machine, providing performance benefits and administrative savings at the same time as full anti-virus and malware protection.MOVE Agentless Anti Virus safeguards virtualised environments using advanced malware protection; integrating real-time threat intelligence with security management whilst offloading all on-access scanning to a dedicated service virtual machine.Hi dont understand the root bit, wneh you say container do you mean move them to a new group? Next Schedule Type: Run Immediately Let me know how that works for you.

Upon registration a plug-in is injected into the v Sphere web client to enable deployment and management of logical networks and services.I would like to have the agents check in around 3 times a day. The update cycle would be spread out during the morning, afternoon, and evening.We are a medium office with about 56 users, and we are adding the servers to Epo soon as well so just checking what what you guys do on your AV update policies.From the computer you are using to perform the updates, can you look at and make sure you can: 1. get to the \admin$ share on each of the 13 computers 3.

see the web monitoring console on each of the 13 computers ( 3a. Next Schedule Type: Run Immediately Wake up agents on machine. ok, done that, but they still show as non compliant, see below extract from log file.

Update Task = Scheduled \\machinename\admin$, yes i can access Agent wakeup, no i did not check rthe box We only have 1 e PO server Thanks OK, for your task, create a second deployment task disabled at the root of your organization. Create a separate container for the 11 machines out of compliance and move them there.