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After that no-one can really agree which language branch or branches were the next to separate off.

In the case of Tocharian the link with wheeled transport, or in fact any form of transport, is non-existent. missing the vowel, meaning that the r has to pretend to be a vowel) of the PIE root – (seen above) meaning something along the lines of “to turn”, by a process known as reduplication.The chance of reduplicating a root then turning it into a noun is reasonably high and may have been done many times in history.However, if it had been done by one of the descendants of IE it should have produced a distinctly different form, recognisable to an IE linguist.Reduplication in IE is where a verb, noun or adjective is expanded, often to give emphasis.

This might have produced a shape like *, meaning something like “revolver”, hence “wheel”.

Although there is some discussion, the next language branch generally thought to have split from the main IE group is the Tocharian branch.

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