Dream interpretation dating celebrity

But even so, this can be a great thing in terms of keeping you focused. I had a dream that I was really good friends with Anderson Cooper and he surprised me for my birthday by reviving Amy Winehouse from the dead.Even though my birthdays in 4 months that's probably the least of the weirdest things to happen in that dream.This is something that most people will come to terms with in their lifetime, but it is something that a lot of people don’t like to realize even in their older age.If you have a dream in which you see a dead celebrity in other words, it can be pretty crushing to you.So yeah it was just a really nice dream and it was beautiful to see Amy Winehouse but the moment the song ended she just froze and I gave her a hug but then she laid down on the floor and in my dreamed I had assumed it was time for her to go back. I barely listen to music, what happens to next doesn't surprise me... Next thing you know Whitney shows up helping me sing it and we do a duet to the song... He was with a black and white Pit Bull (which I own several) and was making a dog food commercial.I don't rem knee him speaking but I do remember his ankle being broken (as is mine ATM) and him pointing to the bag of dog food which highlighted the words Pit Bull.The 4am and i just had a random dream about her too. I had a dream where i got to attend a concert of here's. I questioned her about why she didn't sing a certain song, (now in my dream Chris Perez was the one who passed away) now she told me this certain song "brought back memories" and that if he wouldn't of passed away "everything would be better." then i felt sooo sad for her i hugged her while she cried.

im only 18 so i still have plenty of time if i wanted to become either of these things but i have a hard time believing that i could achieve anything close to where i want to be.To see that you have become celebrity in your dreams suggests that you are having unrealistic ambitions that are not practical to achieve at this time.To see another known person becoming a celebrity in dreams signify that you are questioning the devotion of this person or may be feeling jealous about his achievements.Then I see Tupac and some other rappers that are alive sitting together.