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Their constant rivalry during the first season fuels Drake's scapegoat when it comes to getting out of trouble.During the middle of season 2, Josh finds a job working at The Premiere, making a reasonable amount of money, while Drake temporarily worked there.His rendition of Soul Man for the Belleview Talent Show at the Premiere, along with Drake and his band, won the Talent Show, highlights his talent for dancing, shown in the episode, Blues Brothers.Another key moment in his embrace for dance and music comes in season 4, Dance Contest.

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In fact, Paige hasn't been shy about capturing a few romantic, candid moments with her man.Josh's initial dancing performance comes when he shows off his dance moves in the Premiere Theatre, which then his co-workers suggest that he try out the local dance contest.However, the key performance comes in his final dance with Drake, in a desperation to perform, where his talented dance moves come into play, eventually winning first prize.His constant victimisation is influential to how he responds to Megan, and he is often oblivious to her surroundings, which allows Megan to pick off Josh easily.

One such prank included the superglue chair prank, which was one of Megan's signature pranks throughout season 2.

Nichols (mother)Audrey Parker-Nichols (step-mother)Drake Parker (step-brother)Megan Parker (step-sister)Grammy Nichols (grandmother)Papa Nichols (great-grandfather) Catherine Nichols (great-aunt) Joshua "Josh" Nichols (portrayed by Josh Peck) is one of the main protagonists in the show, Drake & Josh.