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Many players enjoy actively supporting a chosen faction indefinitely; helping to win their battles, defending territory and expanding the faction's operations into nearby star systems - ultimately building a small empire in their chosen sector of space.Playing the game this way offers an almost strategic, board game like experience and it can be immensely satisfying when your goals and objectives are met.Player actions can turn a small faction into an interstellar operation.

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Every station has its own demands and supply that dynamically change.More detailed information on a lot of the planned features can be found in the Design Discussion Archive (2014).The full release of Elite Dangerous is available on Windows PC, Play Station 4, Xbox One and Apple Mac computers.You will also be able to find other ships that are super-cruising within a star system from a long distance away visually and with long range sensors.

There will also be ways to follow each other's hyperspace trail. Multicrew adds the ability to join a seat of another commander's ship or let others join your ship, which can be done by being in a Wing.

The Elite Dangerous page on this wiki has more information. It will be expanded with ambitious features such as Atmospheric Landings and on-foot and out-of-ship activities also known as Space Legs.