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She stayed the course, leaving the small farming town she grew up in to earn a BS in Business at Ohio State University, and later became a certified public accountant.A turning point came when Karla – unlike her peers, who opted to stay local or go to the East Coast – chose to do an internship in Los Angeles.

Despite his best efforts to avoid it, though, Jim found himself gaining more experience in steel and other metals.Reliance was attractive not just because of the quality of people, but the opportunities for ongoing learning and development.In her two decades with Reliance, Karla has done just that.His knowledge of the supply side of the metals industry made Bill a great fit to head up Reliance’s non-ferrous operations, of which he took the helm in 1997.

As Reliance increased its portfolio of specialty metals service centers, Bill’s experience has been instrumental, from both strategic acquisition and operational standpoints.

It was the sales and operations sides of the business, however, which piqued his interest and allowed him to apply his degree in Advertising and Marketing.