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No matter what Genealogical charts may show (from an historical point of view), in law or indeed practice I cannot see how there is any remaining relationship to either the deceased's brother, his children, or the daughter of the deceased.From a 'social' point of view, it may be convenient, and possibly desired, to maintain a friendly interaction, but it would be simply that - a friendly interaction.Smith's lawyer says his client is innocent and will fight the charges -- but Del Rio's comments essentially confirm he did get physical with the other man. But even if Smith was "defending his sister" -- the law only affords someone the right to use "reasonable force" to stop an imminent attack.Based on the injuries the man suffered -- multiple broken bones, unconscious when police arrived, critical condition -- it sounds like officials believe Smith exceeded that standard. The logistics become more complicated if you remarry, but these things can be worked out with compassion and fairness as long as the adults act like adults and communicate with each other.From a genealogy and family history perspective, as well as the compassionate one, I encourage you to be inclusive rather than exclusive. There are so many possible scenarios that all of these answers may have credence.

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In my experience, children in blended families are much happier when the adults in the family do not discriminate between them, based on their blood relations.

Del Rio was asked about Smith's arrest over an alleged July 4 beatdown of his sister's boyfriend and produced a possible defense for the cornerback. "Obviously, things occurred that were taken issue with, so he’s having to defend himself right now.” TMZ Sports broke the story ...