Consolidating online payday loans

While the phrase “payday lenders” typically makes you think of shady shops in strip malls or stand-alone stores plastered with self-advertising, there are several “friendlier” options surfacing online.Lend Up and Elevate are two such lenders attempting to change the payday loan landscape, as well as the lives of its customers.

We should have.”Lend Up says its “mission is to expand access to credit and lower the cost of borrowing for the millions of Americans that traditional banks are typically unable to serve.” How does it accomplish that?Before we compare Lend Up and Elevate, it’s helpful to have a context for payday lenders in general.It’s no secret that payday loans are one of the most expensive loans out there, but if you need money in a pinch, it may be your best bet.Lend Up wants to provide its customers with a better financial future, whereas regular payday lenders only focus on making sure they get paid on time.