Can we use trust in online dating

Trust will form the foundations of your flourishing relationship, but it must be earned and maintained with consistent actions of loyalty, honesty and love.In the past you may have been hurt or misplaced your confidence, but it is important to wipe the slate clean when entering a new relationship. It cannot be bought in the form of flowers and extravagant gifts, it must be earned.Trust can be a learned behaviour that you gain from previous dating experiences and relationships.It is important that you do not listen to hearsay and that you trust your instincts, rather than what others say. I’m not knocking it, but I feel like trying to meet someone can be hard. Going to a bar and scouting around for someone cute to chat up can take the fun out of dating - plus, it's time consuming. I don’t want to go out specifically to meet a guy - I would feel a bit like I’m going hunting!

Do not put anything online that you wouldn’t want your parents to see.

So, just relax and take things at a slow pace until you start to feel more comfortable.