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This document is extracted from website: SCAMWATCH: https:// SCAMwatch is again warning consumers to protect themselves from identity theft when using social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter.While social networking sites can provide users with many benefits, scammers can use your personal information to steal your identity.You can browse through profiles of locals and decide who you want to send a message that is based on interests and other information listed there.You can actually have some kind of idea of people before you decide to talk to them, unlike in real life.Study included people from India, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and South Africa .Participants said people on social networks were more honest than the profiles found on dating sites Click here to Read More You need a partner for your life to share everything with.These include genuine-looking emails or messages from the site requesting the consumer to ‘confirm’ their username and password for their social networking accounts via attached links.Once a scammer has control of a consumer’s account, they can change the password and pose as that person.

These measures are in place to increase the safety of this website and to keep it clean for our valued members.Make sure your organization that doesn’t have a PC infected with a virus or botnet program 3.You are not utilizing a dynamic IP address which was previously utilized by a known spammer 4.You don’t submit the contents those have been classified as "malicious" 7.

Your URL hasn’t been blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing 8.

Both men seeking women and women seeking men can use these dating sites.