Boot ini file is corrupt missing or needs updating

On the 5400 series, you can also do the same thing.However, since the 5400 series have removable management module, it can be a little bit easier – you just need some spare modules or some memory card reader.Once the file has been transferred, you can issue the command boot to reboot the switch.Now that’s how you recover from corrupted flash/wrong code version on Procurve 3500 series switches.I was able to fix and recover all the switches that went down in that change window.In this blog, I’ll go into details on how I addressed the bad switches and recover them from Monitor ROM and put them back to use.So you can use x-modem transfer to copy code as outline above for the 3500 or find a spare management module and flash compatible boot rom to it, swap out the flash card then put it back to the switch.Since the configuration file is stored on the flash card, you won’t have to reconfigure the switch.

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The code is stored on a flash card, you can probably use a generic card reader and update it unless Procurve is using some sort of proprietary file system.Just remember that you do not have to change the baud rate.9600 will work just fine but it will take forever to finish.Boot off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt: You should see a link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer” The installation process will attempt to find your Vista installation directory.

If there’s more than one in the list, select the correct one and then use the Next button again.

If the problem isn’t hardware related you can fix it with relative ease as long as you have a Windows DVD handy.