Backdoor access to dating sites

Women are required to have a college degree, and men are required to have a degree from a top-tier university.According to the site’s founder, the list of acceptable schools is based on top 50 colleges and universities, top 15 liberal arts schools, and top international schools. Women pay around $25 per month to use the site, which includes unlimited messaging to any user. Instead, men pay a one-time fee to join, and must pay one “Spark” (worth approximately $3) for the first message they send to each woman.This is the equivalent to slipping the bouncer a Benjamin with one hand and fist-bumping him with the other on your way inside to your VIP table.Luxy BLACK costs $99 a month, but you can get your monthly cost down to $58.99 if you commit to6 months up front.Most of Luxy’s users are located in major cities, so rural members could be waltzing into an “empty bar.” But if you have high standards for your love life and live in NY or LA, Luxy might be your new favorite way to get dates.For an in-depth survival guide to this grade-A dating app, check out our Luxy app review.The list includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, and MIT.Be prepared to submit proof of affiliation – this site isn’t for wanna-bes or those seeking to trade up.

Luxy features a 24-hour “vouching” process where current members have the power to vote you in or out based on your profile and photos. Like a high-end nightclub, Luxy comes outfitted with a discreet backdoor.While most users are only able to join the site through an invitation from an existing user, it’s also possible to apply directly to the Sparkology team.After passing a thorough screening of your Facebook profile and other background checks, the team sends quality prospects a personal invite.The app is free to download, though you can always opt-in for paid add-ons like visibility boosts and extra matches.