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The death is described in Hazing by Hank Nuwer (2018).Yes, the 1899 death was by the same Cornell chapter and almost the exact ritual that killed Mortimer Leggett in 1873.The death is included in Nuwer’s Wrongs of Passage.See also article below from Berkshire eagle dated Nov.Leggett died in a fall into a steep gorge while on a walk in the dark required by fraternity members.

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We've won a couple of races here over the past few years, but nonetheless, he [Sam Hafertepe, Jr.] made me earn it, The track was heavy tonight and I was good in open air, but when I got into traffic, it really dirtied up the wing and made it tough to get around there so that made lapped traffic even tougher and Sam obviously did a good job getting to me.7) 1898 Decatur High School, Illinois (Corrected from earlier reference to Indiana).High School Physical Hazing According to Wikipedia and the Logansport Pharos-Tribune, freshman David C. A battle royal ensued and Jones died a few days later of a spinal injury.5, 1863 clipping_15952902 Direct link to Berkshire Eagle reference to death.

3) 1873 Cornell University (New York) Kappa Alpha Society Mortimer N.

6) 1899 Cornell University (New York) Kappa Alpha Society Pledge Edward F.

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